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Gabe's Studio

29 September 2014 - 10:41 PM


Commissions: OPEN
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I love painting. I love it so much, I made it my job!

For the time being, I am open to illustration requests. Styles have changed, and prices have changed as well!

My first attempt of the shop didn't go well as I wasn't as strict with myself and underestimated my responsibilities. That will not happen again :No1:

If you feel uncomfortable making a request, feel free to PM me.
Nitty Gritty


Alright, let's get down to business. Here's some of my work




Full Illustrations





Completed Commissions




My quote is inside a quote...get it? :Heh:
As much as I hate to say this: It depends.
For now, I charge a flat rate of 5 hours, it takes me 5 hours to complete a half-body like this one
That rate is 9EUR, So, a half-body like this would be 45EUR. Anything over the flat rate of 45 would be 9EUR per hour (I will give you an exact quote)
**These rates can change at any given time, but once work starts, you will keep the price you were quoted initially**

Depending on the amount of detail that your piece requires, I may quote you on something different, or I can still work it in the 5 hours at your request, and the price would remain at 45EUR.;

If you want a full illustration, like the Valkyrie one, I can create a custom quote once I get the details, but it will be more than 45EUR.

I have a high preference towards paypal, but I can also accept credits for the same price + 5C

So, quick recap:


  • Half Body -Flat 45EUR (+9EUR per hour after 5 hours if quoted so) OR

    45C (+9C per hour after 5 hours if quoted so) +5C

  • Full Illustration -Per quote basis (45EUR+) OR





Feel free to ask for a quote on your character, but if you want a quote, I need reference of your character, and if they will have items or whatever, I'll give you a quote specific for you if it's over the 5 hour limit.

Finally, I'd like to thank Von Sky for helping me make the shop pretty. You're the man!

Hola! Hello! 你好!

29 September 2014 - 09:29 PM

Hey there guys, my name is Gabe, and I play in Eir and a bit on Loki. 

Yes, I am new to the server, but an old RO player. I already fell in love with the community and want to try my hardest to help in every way that I can, as I see some uncertainties in some parties around. Having some experience in GMing, and being an active member, I think I could bring a lot to the community and cannot wait to meet you all! 

More about me: I am a University student, and work as a freelance illustrator. I speak English, Spanish, and Chinese. 
*I'll add more stuff as time passes*