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In Topic: WoE Livestream

11 August 2016 - 02:24 AM

WoE 2 video added.

If you check out 58:25 on the video you can see the fight that won Ad Infinitum, O w n i n g   EX, and X X X the prize of best fight (50 bacon for each online member).

In Topic: Buy Credits

08 August 2016 - 01:20 AM

In Topic: War of Emperium Tournament?

07 August 2016 - 05:45 AM

Just an idea. would it be more beneficial to limit a maximum of each class? For example you may not have more than 2 of each class.

Clarification on the use of alt slave buffers would also be needed.

And some finer details like, how much time do the defenders have to set up before the attackers are let loose and does the attack team instantly lose if the defenders defend for too long(an hour or 2?)


Time limit of 30 minutes each time. You can't use external buffs. @storage will also be disabled but there will be a Kafra in the staging area. You'll get 60 seconds at the start of each round to prepare. Note that in the first round the castle starts unoccupied (no monsters, though), so it's a race to the emp. Unlike real WoE, the entire event will take place on a single map, so there won't be any loading screens (this isn't about who has the best computer). Once defeated, you'll be warped back to your start position which is on the same map. If the castle is yours you can flag to pre-emp. If it's not, you can walk there. You also can choose to wait for more team members if you want to, or rejoin right away. Teams probably should be using voice chat for optimum communication, but they don't have to.


There's no limit on what classes you can bring, but once you choose what classes you are bringing you can't change it. And because of the buff rules, coming with all offensive classes probably isn't a good idea. Each group may be given a special item which they can use only once per round (3 times per match, if you use it during each round, but you can't save it for another round -- use it or lose it), which functions identically to emergency call but only works for the party they have formed for the tournament (so they don't recall their entire guild).


In the event of a time limit hit in the last 2 rounds, 1 member will be removed from each side (each team chooses a member to remove on the opposing teams side) until they win.

In Topic: War of Emperium Tournament?

06 August 2016 - 10:49 PM

Sounds good. Although what time would it take place?


Probably will choose WoE 2 times (but all week). You'll have plenty of notice (at least a week) to know when your team is up so you can make the time.

In Topic: Maintenance

05 August 2016 - 05:55 PM

Say you don't have a gentleman's agreement with anyone but your guild and then another also are attacking said castle?
Full guilds not just like my 20 and 3 randoms from another guild. Cause I've been in fights where I'm fighting one defending guild then some random guild comes from behind and focuses the guild im fighting mostly.

Guild A wants castle 3 Guild B wants castle 3 and Guild C is defending but Guilds A and B dont have an agreement and do attack each other here and there but overall are attacking Guild C would this still be reportable by Guild C? Cause there is really no way to know if a guild is in one of those pacts or not..

(Just wanna cover my ass here since Eal never really had allies and we sometimes found ourselves sandwiched between 2 opposing guilds that focused eachother more than us)


If they are fighting each other here and there, as well as doing things like indiscriminately AoE using skills which affect both sides. No issues. Just be honest with it and you shouldn't have any issues.


So since Own was a known ally of FP, what is now the case when all the action is in their castle and we just jump in there 'coz there is no other place to fight. :v


Like lets say FP defends Cyr, AI, TH and god knows who comes in there, are we allowed to clash with them then or do we need to take a tea break till they done. lol



I feel like everything is gettin so much complicated now. lel


If you want to go fight FP, feel free. But we all know that when you attack a castle your main target is the defenders not other guilds, so don't stand there trying to make the defense you just went in for kills and just happened to decide not to take the castle or go into the emp room. Remember it's COMPLETELY up the the staff, so you cannot skip by these rules and pretend "oh hey we were just killing people," we know FP and Owning are buds. Please don't make me ban you, I honestly do not want to. Come on guys, it's like a month or so, just be good. The whole point of this change is to get more smaller guilds running around, and since you'll be a similar size fights should actually be able to be had.