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Increase in the heal/sec of Sanctuary

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#1 Celexteia



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Posted 14 April 2015 - 03:13 AM

I know that there was another thread talking about the HP heal skill and its increase in amount. (my personal op on this is that it's not necessary)

THEN Someone suggested that the heal per second of Sanctuary be increased instead - and I strongly second this! (I know it was mentioned by Lux that it -will- (probably?) be implemented. But I am formally making this post to address it properly.)



I think that priests can get by with the heal cap right now, after all they are support first (tank/dps second.) They could use other skills like KE and SW (and SL buffs) to run away and survive so they wouldn't get hit instead of trying to tank and outheal a mob, really : / 


BUUUT, I think that the amount of heal that sanctuary gives could need a little more buff. 


1) it takes forever to heal the emp using sanc. =_= //personalpriestwhinebutdoothersagree?

2) this allows for priests to use other skills to protect allies aside from trying to consistently heal their damage (ex. pneuma/KEing/SWing them while sanc is on instead of just smashing one hotkey HEALHEALHEAL.)

3) third reason is obviously:healing while standing on sanc = more heal



^these actually gives more power to the priest class then (addressing the worry in the former heal thread that damage is increasing and heal is weakening relatively)




However, it wouldn't be too op because:


1) (and I think I recall unless there was an update lol) that sanc also heals enemies when cast (ex. It heals me but also another person in an enemy guild) so the player should use the sanc strategically rather than vomiting it everywhere (and you can leech off enemy sanc lol)


2) AAAAND enemy Land Protector, of course.


3) Asteria effect, some people would probably choose between spamming this or casting sanc in a split second especially when things are intense (ok I am having a hard time phrasing this, but I hope you get what I mean and understand that split seconds and any heal successfully cast matters in priest gameplay lol. A decision to cast a sanc could delay a heal that could save 3 people's lives xP)




Juust tossing this in~ (*u*)9

Feel free to add or comment~

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#2 Luxuri



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Posted 14 April 2015 - 10:38 AM

Sanctuary, on the other hand, could use a buff and this will be done (again, when we move to the new client).



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