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Premium Exchange Coupon Tickets

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#1 Mik


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Posted 28 August 2013 - 04:34 AM

Hello Hello!! uhmm. As you can see, Premium Exchange Coupon Tickets are already implemented in Token Redemption NPC. And they cost 20 Mining Points in able to exchange a single premium item or to credits. The only way you can obtain this item is through Bitcon Mining. Bitcon Mining could be really a pain to obtain since a lot of people farm it and it will take you hours and days in order to farm Mining Points. I feel like this is too much just to obtain a Premium Item Exchange Coupon in order to exhcange just 1x Premium Item. I have been an Rebirth Player since 2008/09 played around 2010/11 then retired cause I found myself in too school and got 2 jobs. Had no time for RRO.

Back then, Premium Item Exchange Coupon can be access in Premium Items, it cost 1c/5c (I think) in order to exchange 1 premium item. I was exchanging my premium items a lot. Since, I want this, that and etc...

Now, I have returned to the server. Not so long ago. My premium items is just a storage junks since there have been so much changes in the server. A lot of custom items, quest, cards and etc. was implemented. Now, that my premium items are just a piece of junk. I really wanna exchange junk items to another premium item. I dont wan't them just to sit there in my storage.

I am suggesting that maybe we can bring back the 1c Premium Item Exchange Coupon or maybe have Premium Item Exchange Coupon Event or etc etc. Or Obtain it through quest, mvp or etc??

You know, this premium junk items still came out from my pocket. And, I really wanna use the money that I have spend on this game.
I really I hope I get a feedback from a GM.
Thank You!

#2 Luxuri



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Posted 02 September 2013 - 09:15 AM