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Great Demon Pauldrons

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Posted 11 June 2010 - 08:48 AM

okay now , it happened to me to see its real potential , and its really fucked up
lemme explain , now really simply example :
105 % earth immune Grim Sinx vs High wizard, now lets see what happens before and after great demon pauldrons :
PS this is woe wise

you had to outsmart that sinx while he was trying to grimthoot you , there are many ways around it , like sight + sightrasher and so on.


Great Demon pauldrons , it'll just unhide him and he'll just be killed with JT spam or w/e skill you want to use

want another one?

LK vs Grim Sinx

Before :

get near to him with cloack or else endure effect , use sight and kill him / try to outdamage his SB

After :

Great demon pauldrons , let him unhide and use charge attack + sight and bb spam

not enough ? :tardface2:

Pally vs Grim Sinx

before :

try to still get near to him and use defender + sight with endure effect

after :

great demon pauldrons , let him unhide and spam him with Shield chain.

Well , this said , i dont know about you all , but i dont want the few good sinxes left we have to turn into dd whores.

PS: my point is , make GDP uneffective on hided peoples.
Discuss :3

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