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#1055301 Adios, Muchachos.

Posted by Chen on 14 February 2015 - 06:31 PM

I set him up. I've known for a while now that a GM has been leaking information, both private staff info and info about other players. I don't know /for sure/ that he leaked everything, based on content I feel confident that he leaked /some/ of it.

How I caught him was I used Destiny. I gave her wizard, which she doesn't really use on Thor (it's like level 140 or something) a copy of the +20 gears Xander has, with one major change... I put an unknown item in one of the gears card slots. The only way to find out what this item was would be to use GM commands.

After that I waited a bit and nothing happened, so I started a rumor she had +20 items. Sure enough, a few days later she was getting PMs about it. One named the only-can-know-it-with-commands item and at that point I knew I caught someone. Checked the logs and only one GM used the command: morph.

The proper thing to do would have been to go to Sen, me, or syphon about it. He didn't. Just told his friends I guess. As for the items, they'll be taken back sometime this weekend. Their purpose was served. I wish I could say I was surprised it was him. Still, sad that it happened. Morph was cool to talk to.


I see... Nothing happened when you gave away the gears. You, yourself started giving/leaked the "rumor" that she ALREADY had illegit gears, so let's say, pretty much everyone already knew she had illegit gears. Later on, Morpheus checks her itemlist and confirms with Destiny herself that she actually have these gears. Knowing Morpheus and every other GM, I am 100% positive, Morph told Sen about this and even if he didn't say anything about the unknown item to Sen, I'm pretty sure at the very least the +20 gears message went across to Sen and THAT itself should've been more than enough to take action on Destiny and yourself.

Now let's be real for a second, everyone knows who Destiny is and how much she means to you & everyone in the Staff knows nothing will happen even if you and yourself were given +20 Gears, @speed 0, 9999999 all stats, @monsterignore and woe'd with that. Please, nothing will happen unless is something of your benefit. You can create rules of your own to sabotage someone/a whole guild, not announce it whatsoever, not being able to get away with it and THAT would piss you off even more. Yes, I'm talking about this: . And your excuse was that you "forgot" to announce it: . Even if you forgot to announce it, MAYBE you should enforce the damn rule. Look at Warrage's guild, look at ZeistGeit guild, not that the guild named Guild at Thor cares that they're allied, BUT they know that if it was them having an alliance with whatever guild, you would've immediately taken action and banned the whole guild because it is obvious that this rule was specifically made for them. But yet again, nothing will happen unless it benefits you because you are the most unbias person in this whole server. 


Now putting everything aside. I just wanted to say that the issue with the current Staff is the fact that you are the Root Admin and you hate & we hate talking to each other. You barely talk to the GMs, you barely talk with Citrus, you barely talk with Eclair, you barely talk with Ferlyn, you barely talk with Lantern, you barely talk with Vanilla, you barely talked with me. Peach and others were setting NPCs for each town a few weeks ago and it took them a few days? Guess who had coordinates for the full set of NPCs for each town at the start of Thor and it only took very few hours? The event point rewards on Thor completely neglects end-game items and so people can just wait for events and be completely geared out? Guess who you could've talked to about balancing the event point system & already had things in mind? The server needs more economic ways to get sprites? Guess who was willing to help with sprites for the server? It is bland obvious that you don't know anything about renewal just the same way you don't know how helpful & knowledgeable the Staff could've been to you & the Server. Unfortunately, the people you hate the most and setting traps to ban.


I am not trying to antagonizing you, I am just setting facts and saying how much better things would've been if you stopped being extremely close-minded, talked to us like a normal human being and was not trying to ban the hell out of your own Staff. Either way, this post will probably do little to no effect towards you and probably you will be on the defensive mode.


As for everyone that is saying that I am possibly tainting this thread. I am not. Morpheus would've wanted me to do this. As I like to say, if Morpheus was ever murdered, I wouldn't had attended his funeral. I would've been in jail for killing the person that killed him. 

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#1064316 RebirthRO Talent Contest 2015: Entries

Posted by Von Sky on 07 April 2015 - 08:12 AM


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#1060018 Loki Scheduled Maintenance

Posted by fullmetal fallout on 10 March 2015 - 08:44 PM

what is this "maintenance" you speak of? the elders have told tales of a similar thing that would be performed regularly eons ago  :tretard: 

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#1113392 WoE

Posted by Hyu on 01 August 2016 - 03:06 PM

I'm sorry if this hurts anyone/any particular guild feelings.


Reason why MD is pissed off is that , when they made god items it took them 7 weeks just to get enough Econ, after which they started making Asprika , but due to the current eco racing so fast it takes like what half a month??  Yes you did tell us about the changes in Econ and how the new quests will require high Econ to enter , but you didn't tell us there would be a time during this change where the huge guilds would get a advantage and can make god items in less than 3 weeks . ( Like srsly it makes everyone think thats favorism  ) And talk about the number of Bryns they make at 1 shot , pretty sure MD made 1 by 1


And I think the way woe 2.0 ( Castles with stones and cades ) work should change , Well its only my opinion tho 


Lets say A BIG GUILD ( FP ) is defending Himinn , they put up cades / stones for defending , but if they get ecalled to any other castles ( which means none of FP players are in the castle, even if their ally Owning is helping them defend the castle ) the cades and Stones should disappear( Break) . So they should come back and rebuild everything , which gives a greater chance for the small guilds to basically survive and not get last min ecalled on. 


Lets say for instance last woe , FP ecalled on KK last min , but if Cades and Stones would disappear if they ecalled they would think twice or jus stick to defending .



From my experience, small groups from my guild go attack castles with fewer numbers versus the defenders and would still dominate and also force an e-call against them.



If I haven't got this ^ wrong Fp still dominates so they shouldn't be needing a ecall , so this barely changes anything , Aight?



If this needs to implemented there are things to be taken care of , Leaving the guild inside the castle shouldn't be allowed ( I've tested in horus and I can leave guild ) , cuz lets say I'd inv my trapper into the guild Trap up and flag near emp and then leave guild , using alt guild and using /guildinvite get invited into alt guild , which I can still have my traps and prolly a Priest/some other char defending at the emp .


2 Tier Woe System would be Bull Sh*t 


And for those who'd be like "whats the point of putting up Stones and Cades?" Its for defending .


Things can be changed back once the number of people doing woe does increase.


Off Topic : Reduce the number of skulls required in Triple inferno to 35-40 or totally remove Triple Inferno from BG

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#1048405 RebirthRO War of Emperium

Posted by Chen on 01 January 2015 - 06:40 PM

I find a bit saddening that War of Emperium has become a numbers game, or so it seems like it when most end game gears do not matter most of the time. I see guilds that just want high numbers for their attendance, rather than players that know what they're doing and understand what exactly to do. Truth to be told is I find myself in situations where my own guildmates annoy me more than the enemy, where my own guildmates would've done much more staying out of sight rather than trying to help. However, when you can control the situation & know your own team knows what they're doing, that's when it is fun:

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#1060025 Loki Scheduled Maintenance

Posted by Roro on 10 March 2015 - 10:24 PM


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#1057982 A Blast from the Past

Posted by lollerskates on 28 February 2015 - 12:19 AM

Our saviour has returned

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#1046434 RebirthRO Christmas/Winter Limited Edition Items & 12 Days of Christmas E...

Posted by Selome on 22 December 2014 - 01:48 AM

i hate the idea of buying something and not knowing what i'm getting. can we please get something information about the items on sale please?

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#85872 Frosted Puff

Posted by Kurarin on 22 August 2009 - 10:19 PM


We are the end product of the marriage and unf unf unf-ing of P u f f Y and Phuck Yo Couch. Who bottoms? We'll leave it to your imagination, although I think they're both Asexual.

A Pink Dragon + An uhhh... Frosted cake? = Frosted Puff ♥




ed_candy_by_216th-d5l5w9k.jpg av-209.jpg




ciri_candy_2_by_216th-d63odsn.jpg airalye_candy_by_216th-d5kqzbv.jpg

george_candy_by_216th-d5l5trk.jpg ShinCandyy.jpg Chenn.jpg

 JawidFIN.jpg Celexv2FIN.jpg MeowlaABavvy.jpg RikaCandy.jpg

MorkAvifin.jpg Stherrravvi.jpg Comacandy.jpg

timisFINN.jpg Trentini.jpg CLOCKKfin.jpg

Squall2-1.jpg BunnyFIN.jpg Lantanaa.jpg

CataFIN.jpg SoniaKaiAvi.jpg AbingdonJravi.jpg


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#1113977 Heya^^

Posted by Morpheus on 08 August 2016 - 07:44 PM

No Tomson. You are hereby banned from the forums permanently. We are not playing this game anymore.

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#1092157 #1 Clown in RRo

Posted by Jackiee on 23 December 2015 - 03:19 PM


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#1090289 Santa Claus is back! Gift giving Event!

Posted by Santa Claus on 05 December 2015 - 10:58 PM

Event ended :)


If you guys like the slim pots, and want more. You can buy them from the maker, Original Doll at her shop.









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#1066390 RebirthRO Talent Contest 2015: Entries

Posted by mOnmOn on 24 April 2015 - 01:51 AM

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#1063412 RebirthRO Talent Contest 2015: Entries

Posted by Bunneh on 31 March 2015 - 01:55 AM


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#996862 The Doc's Shop

Posted by Kureiya on 06 April 2014 - 12:02 PM



If you're wondering where I've gone, please please please read this post :


Clicky this




Welcome to my art shop! I hope you enjoy everything you see here. ;D
Here's some info to get you guys started :



「 C l o s e d 」


Visit my website!

Contact Info



Price List



Ordering & Paying



What I do & don't do




E x a m p l e s 」 


Just click on the links below for the example pages.


Sketches Headshots Half-Bodies Full-Bodies

Pingu Chibis Normal Chibis

Alright! With that said, please fill out the Order Form below if you'd like to commission me :



Order Form



Important Notes








Ok then!


Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to working with you all!

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#1113499 A Message for "Just Kiiding"

Posted by vivi0512 on 02 August 2016 - 06:01 PM

This is Phong Nhi .

Yesterday, the first day i come with Rebirth-Ro, I met " Just Kiiding" (High Wizard ) he helped me to reborn and train lvl . But My computer was shut down so i log out without leave any message for him . The only thing i regret   I did not say thank you for him . I waited for him to say that but he is not online until now . All i wanna say now " Thank you about helping me :) I really happy about what you did for me  "   




Phong Nhi 

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